Prof. Zheludeva was an outstanding person. We should have told her about that much more often.

When someone passes away we miss not only him (or her) but also everything that ceased to exist at the same time – that is the phenomenon of loss… With Prof. Zheludeva’s death we have lost a great source of light, kindness and enthusiasm.

Her good works are innumerable. She was welcoming at the Institute and actively supporting young talented researchers – graduate and postgraduate students, - supervising their scientific activities and personal development, celebrating their achievements. It was Prof. Zheludeva’s idea to organize seminars for the younger members of IC RAS and to involve them in the competitions of scientific projects; the main purpose was to encourage our initiative and team spirit. From her we learned never to stop in our development – the more is done by a true researcher, the clearer it becomes how much more remains to be done.

Thanks to Prof. Zheludeva it became a tradition for the young members of IC RAS to participate in big research and development projects, to take part in conferences, schools, exhibitions and, generally, the life of the Institute. She was a patriot of IC RAS and knew how to share her enthusiasm with others.

As a result, under Prof. Zheludeva’s guidance the young members of IC RAS have become a united team, able to take responsibility and perform complicated tasks.

Apart from our professional development, Prof. Zheludeva also cared about our lives and problems. She remembered well what it’s like to be young and, moreover, felt young herself, and it helped her a lot to understand the aspirations and doubts, hopes and fears of young people under her charge. “It sounds great! Absolutely fantastic!” – she used to say about our ideas and initiatives.

But the main thing is – she simply loved us, her younger colleagues. That was the driving force behind her actions, and that makes us so grateful in turn.

Prof. Zheludeva did everything in her power to make the lives of others at least a bit happier. We will not forget her love of life, her inexhaustible energy, her sincerity, open heart, warm smile and her happy ringing laughter.

It is incredibly sad when such an inspiring person dies. But we know that the good seeds of her good works will yield plentiful harvest…

The young researchers of IC RAS